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Bringing the flavor back to modern tomatoes

While many people remember the wonderful flavor of a garden-grown heirloom tomato, this flavor is not found in modern commercial tomatoes. Modern tomato breeding has focused on disease resistance, yield, shelf-life and firmness for shipping. While these traits are essential for large scale year-round production... global.click_to_read

  • Denise Tieman | Research assistant at University of Florida, Horticultural Sciences Dept., Gainesville FL 32611
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published on Dec 1, 2017
A new code for a new life

Life on our planet is based on DNA. DNA is a big molecule present in all organisms, and it contains the instructions to build each of life's components. It is the biological way to store and spread information. It is the universal language of life... global.click_to_read

  • Jordan Costafrolaz | PhD student at Microbiology Unit, Department of Botany and Plant Biology, University of Geneva, Switzerland
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published on May 26, 2016